So youre dating a guy that doesnt even lift

Was not a fun time. Shared by Reddit user Shakydrummer , this story really breaks our heart because we all know how this story ends β€” with the boy either breaking someone else's heart by cheating on her before she can do it to him or with him becoming an extremely possessive lover who keeps tabs on his SO's every move so she can't ever cheat on him!

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Each human interaction might be unique but the overarching stories tend to be the same. There's a third possibility as well β€” the boy realizes that every girl is not the same and he will never ignore his gut feeling because he knows he ignored the signs this time β€” but only rare, mature souls choose that path. So, frankly, the take-home message of this confession is this: Believe us, the one who cheats always loses respect for himself or herself in their heart.

We cannot even begin to imagine how messed up this relationship has to be for this to happen. So, let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth β€”.

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Along with my grieving, I had to endure being more and more embarrassed as my relatives asked me as each new random pretty girl came to offer their condolences. Was that your Melanie? I went over to her place the next day and she acted like it was no big deal, "I freak out around dead people.

So I just told her we wouldn't be getting married and walked out the door. Shared by Reddit user Maldibus , this is a story of human callousness. No wonder he broke off their marriage. After all, how can you claim you love someone if you are not willing to be there for them when they are grieving and need your shoulder to cry on? Believe us, nothing kills a man's love for you faster than the realization that you and he are not really a team.

I walked out of the restaurant and she came racing out telling me I am supposed to have her back.

Dating a Loser? 6 Reasons You Can’t Leave Him

I was silent and walked away. We broke up like 2 weeks later. Shared by Reddit user tinsinpindelton , this story demonstrates that people don't usually fall out of love overnight. It takes months, sometimes years, of cooling passion and indifference before one day, a seemingly inconsequential incident ends up bringing the whole tower down. Not that this incidence was inconsequential. After all, engaging strangers in heated verbal spats by calling them names and commenting on their figure is looked down upon by both men and women.

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No wonder tinsinpindelton distanced himself from the exchange and his girlfriend. We usually tend to gravitate towards people who we find good-looking. But the attraction immediately fades away when we realize they aren't as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

That's why we often find ourselves strongly attracted to people with a lot of charisma and personal integrity, even if they look quite plain, and strongly repelled by picture-perfect individuals who turn out to be catty as soon as they open their mouth. It wasn't like it happened at the snap of a finger but that'd be the reason. Shared by Reddit user lineman77 , this story tells us that high-quality men are repelled by displays of shady characteristics in the woman they are dating.

After all, selfish individuals never take a stand for you when it's your hour of need. Plus, if you are willing to drag someone down just to save your skin, it tells him loud and clear that you would do the same to him if it would save you from the consequences of your actions. And how can a man trust when you have no personal integrity?

There was a time when mental health disorders, including depression, were considered taboo topics, and those suffering from it were considered pariahs. After all, your brain is as much a part of your body as your lung or your liver. So it doesn't make sense for you to be more sympathetic when someone tells you they have liver cirrhosis compared to when they tell you they have depression. It included how she doesn't believe depression is real, that I should "get over it" or "stop thinking about it since it is in my head", and how it was becoming an inconvenience to her.

I guess the last part is fair since nobody wants to be around someone who doesn't lift them up, but the way she said all of it gave me the idea that she isn't that invested in the relationship. Shared by Reddit user Sloth , this story shows us that, in relationships, it's better to be willing to understand and help when we do not understand a crisis our partner is going through than to accuse them of making stuff up. This one's a bone of contention for many women. And though we acknowledge that there are men who always keep comparing you to their mother which is a toxic and inappropriate thing to do for an adult , most men are not like that and know that their relationship with their mother and you are both important and must be treated accordingly.

It was the middle of the night and my now ex called me accusing me of not loving her because I hadn't called her before trying to get some rest. She knew my mom was ill. She didn't care, I guess. Shared by Reddit user ZipitKat , this story shows us that insecurity can often blind us like it blinded ZipitKat's girlfriend into behaving inconsiderately when her boyfriend was tending to his sick mother. Things of this kind are always observed by your bae's family and have the potential of turning them against you. And once that happens, you have made some powerful enemies for life.

Your man may not ask for compliments, but take it from us, he is dying to hear them. After all, we live in a world that tells us we need to compliment the woman but withhold it from the man. So, when you stand out from the crowd and appreciate the big and little things he does for you and other people , you are guaranteed a place in his heart forever. Unfortunately, someone forgot to share that wisdom with the lady featured in this confession β€”. She enters the house, says nothing, opens the fridge and just says 'You've put the milk in the fridge the wrong way again'. Shared by Reddit user kingmakyeda , this story has really left us stunned.

Because how many guys do you know who are willing to do so much housework?


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And then there's the condescending bit about putting the "milk in the fridge the wrong way". Some people can really get on our nerves and drama queens happen to top that list. The Reddit user who penned this confession felt so too β€”. It ended very, very badly. Shared by Surrender2Darkness , this story strongly highlights how men tend to fall out of love with women who possess none of the high-value traits exhibited by women who always keep their man. These traits are confidence, independence, playfulness, and intelligence. After all, a grown woman who does not have the ability to fight her own battles and relies on her rich and powerful father to smooth things out for her is more of a child than a woman.

And men are not attracted to childish women regardless of how beautiful they might be. Believe us, overly-dramatic and high-maintenance behavior immediately puts you in the short-term box in a man's mind β€” good for a few dates and maybe some hook-ups but nothing beyond that.

People treat you the way you treat yourself. So, if you think you are ugly and unlovable, your body language and behavior will reflect that internalized feeling, which will make people believe you are ugly and unlovable even if it isn't true!

I did do a lot of things for her, but it was never enough. Eventually her insecurities became a self fulfilling prophecy when she started [hurting] herself and blaming it on me. Shared by Reddit user joppike , this story illustrates a classic reason why men tend to fall out of love β€” the women they were with had cripplingly low self-esteem. When your self-esteem is low, you believe you are unworthy of happiness, success, and all good things in life. This creates a bottomless pit in your heart that craves external praise and compliments to fill it.

Unfortunately, nothing and no one can fill a void like that because the only way to heal this void is by building your self-esteem from within. So, if your relationship sounds a lot like joppike's confession, please work on yourself first before you focus on your relationship. We want to share every little detail of our life with them and can't help but smile every time we think of them. The little things about the world we failed to notice earlier, suddenly become important since we know it interests them. In fact, every time we get a ping from them on our phone, our heart tends to flutter right out of our chest.

So, when your SO starts to drop off your head, it's a definite sign that you are falling out of love with them. And it happened with this Reddit user β€”. Shared by WhyamIsosilly , this confession really drives home how indifferent people tend to become when they fall out of love with their SO. They don't feel angry, disgusted, or even mildly annoyed.

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They just stop feeling anything for the other person. Almost as if it doesn't matter to them whether their SO lived or died. They say true love might be unconditional but relationships are bound by conditions.