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The place seems brand new with all equipment nice and modern, comfy red bar stools and couches and there are more seats on the second floor that offers nice views down to the stage. Even though the girls are more average at this go go compared to foxy lady, Spotlight A Go Go can be a lot of fun too as it has a more relaxed atmosphere. It almost looks like an Irish Bar so you can have a relaxed drink with the girls not being too pushing. The stage has space for maximum eight girls dancing though most of them are quite lazy and just look at themselves in the mirror or try to make eye contact with one of the customers.

Sugar Beat is a Thai style coyote club that has not just stages for the beautiful white skinned coyote dancers outside they have banners saying they are models from Bangkok but there is also a big stage for the live band playing Thai songs. Comfortable couches and almost like a night club feeling. If you are looking for 1. The biggest and most popular soapy massage parlor in Chiang Mai. You can walk in there even in the middle of the afternoon and have a selection of easily girls in the fishbowl. They are divided into four groups: Adjacent to the Ping Payom Hotel, this soapy massage parlor is another local favorite.

It has the biggest seating area of all soapies in Chiang Mai so you can just relax and have a couple of beers somewhere in the back and make up your choice. Of course you can also walk out again without paying any more than the bill for your beverages beers around Baht. The newest soapy massage parlor in town.

Everything at this place is super modern and of highest standard they just made one mistake: The fishbowl is somewhat too small as even in the middle of the afternoon there are so many girls they are almost sitting on one another. The majority sits on the right and is priced 1, Baht and the rest sits on the left and is priced 1, Baht.

Again it depends on how white skinned and beautiful they are and if they have a baby or not. Celeb CNX also has the nicest and most spacious rooms even equipped with flat screen TVs showing porn movies. Pandora is somewhat hidden near the railway station so look carefully on the map. Pandora must have had better times.

They seem to divide the girls into two groups: The entrance is at a dark corner in the car park to the left of the main entrance. Standard prices are Baht for Thai massage and Baht for oil massage. Additional services most of the girls offer are hand job Baht , blow job Baht and sex 1, — 2, Baht. Prices are, as always, negotiable. The prostitutes on the streets. They are usually not as attractive as elsewhere, but then their price tag is also significantly cheaper usually less than 1, Baht for a short time.

The main hot spot for street hookers in Chiang Mai is the area around the Tha Phae Gate , especially along the canal just south of the gate see the photo, and the map below for the location. If you want to take a break from all the red light areas and places full of naughty Thai girls, there is no better city in Thailand to have a relaxed drink with atmospheric surroundings at incredibly reasonable prices. Great atmosphere and surprisingly fair priced drinks like a small bottle of Singha for Baht — in Bangkok that would cost you at least Baht excluding VAT and service charge at a similar venue.

Of course there are many more great bars in Chiang Mai to have a relaxed drink or two without being surrounded by young Thai girls in short skirts one minute after you sat down, but the above mentioned ones are my favorite places and should give you a good start. A former hotel building, a mile out of town. While it is down a quiet street which looks wrong till you see the building, it feels completely safe.

An ordinary young guy on reception asks you to wait 2 minutes while he rounds up the girls, who are waiting out the back. There were 3 on the first night, 5 when I went back the second night. Paid him thb for an hour full service massage, chose a girl, Cuqui cookie? She was petite, said she was 29, she was fun and jokey, agreed thb for sex. Spent 10 minutes in the shower, then straight on the bed. Started with bum massage on the bed, then she moved onto the floor on her knees to give a blowjob uncovered, after first saying it would cost extra I persuaded her it was part of the sex deal.

More sex on the bed,: As she was petite, smiley and pleasant I enjoyed things at my pace, I would normally have haggled for some anal but she was tight and reacted well to me moving around into different positions for straight sex from behind and with each if us going on top. After about 40 mins I came hard and she had us both straight back into the shower.

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I saw no othef customer while I was in and out. Nrxt visit I chose a younger girl, who I had turned down on the first visit and regretted, as she stuck in my head when she looked disappointed when I chose her older colleague. I vowed to myself to go back to have her and was glad I did. She was clearly less experienced but was trying. Paid same to both if them, total at the desk and including tip to the girls.

First taxi driver needed my satnav map to find it. On leaving I walked 3 minutes back along this quiet lane to the main road and got a tuktuk back to hotel. She is kind and tender, a real happiness. I recommend this massage parlor, the staff is competent and really seeks to do well. The best of the best. Was at Foxy Lady tonight. A few good looking girls. Bought a drink for one and after a pleasant conversation, invited her to leave with me.

She insisted on baht, not negotiable. Last night at celebrities, about 9PM there were 6 fat ladies in the lineup.

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Did visit Absolute and those girls were very cute. Thanks for all your great info, most helpful to us newcomers. Concerning KTV, there is one called Together. They even asked us to pay for 3 mamasan, two of which just came in without we asking them and sit for 20 seconds and the fee for three different boys who brought the drink in.

We ended up calling the tourist police. Then they got scared. At last, we still paid for 1 h and we only drank 2 coke. Anyway, i guess for those who want try KTV first check the rating and review on google map. Hi Jack from Singapore.. First time in chiangmai, l and my friend are victims too and got scammed by this together ktv..

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It was very close to me so no taxi required. Just walked over to check it out. At 1pm there was about girls. B on one side and B on other. Most girls were sitting and troweling on the putty and paint. That for me is a turnoff because it usually means one thing.

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A girl on the side was cute with not too much fakeup on but had quite a scowl. Despite the scowl I went against my better judgment and chose her. She came out of the fishbowl with no scowl and she took me to the room and was a total sweetheart. Anyway I made her laugh, told her she was beautiful no lie and had a great time.

She had a great little body.

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After awhile I gently pulled her up and she unhesitatingly got on and rode. I gave her a nice tip. She was worth it. She was either 64 or There you go guys. Popped into Celeb last night, my first soapy in CM; what a disappointing line-up. Service was good, however, no complaints on that front; baht all-in. Hey Redcat, your forum on Asia and Chiang Mai is great and I greatly appreciate your time making them but I gather you speak more than odd sentence in Thai. Trust me, if you love the outdoors Chiang Mai will keep you busy.