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The revelation rapidly spurred a plethora of different reactions by its followers and fans, ranging from indifference, admiration and disappointment. Meyer of The Atlantic expressed his disbelief as follows:.

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Our inventions, speaking—somehow sublimely—of ourselves. Our joy was even a little voyeuristic. There were people behind it all along.

Finding Actual Poetry in @Horse_ebooks

We thought we were obliging a program, a thing which needs no obliging, whereas in fact we were falling for a plan. It speaks to the deep fascination that people feel towards the mysteries of the machine. There is even evidence to suggest that people often imagine relationships with sufficiently responsive robots as being better than relationships with humans.

In other words, bots are oftentimes read and perceived as personas, with which people forge affective relationships.

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In a Goffmanian sense, this performance describes how human beings enact roles and present themselves in public Goffman. As a useful concept to theorise the performance and doing of personhood, persona has been used to study everything from celebrity culture Marshall , fiction, and social networking sites Zhao et al.

The concept also figures prominently in Human Computer Interaction and Usability Studies where the creation of personas constitutes an important design methodology Dong et al. While all of these perspectives allow for interesting analysis of personas, here I want to draw on an understanding of persona as a medium specific condition.

Finding Actual Poetry in @Horse_ebooks

Despite the fact that it was written almost 60 years ago and in the context of the then emerging mass media — radio, television and movies — their observations are still relevant and useful to theorise the kinds of relations people forge with bots today. The para-social relations between audiences and TV personas are developed over time and become more meaningful to the audience as it acquires a history.

Every day it was a gift. There were some days—thankfully not all that many—where it was the only thing I looked forward to. For example, Harris tweets messages saying things like: In this case the para-social relation could no longer be sustained, as the illusion of being engaged in a relation with a machine was taken away. It also allows us to see some crucial differences between the ways in which people relate to bots compared to how they relate to a human.

Indeed, we might ultimately understand the present case as a successful reverse Turing test, highlighting how humans can impersonate a bot so convincingly that it becomes indistinguishable from an actual bot. Reverse Engineering Social Media: Temple University Press, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Absurdist tweets spamming alternate reality game Bear Stearns Bravo. The New York Times. Retrieved 4 May Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 3 May Archived from the original on February 26, Flatley 9 January Then again, sometimes a well-placed " Sourdough Starter " speaks volumes.

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