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The Korean comedy star claimed that she had gotten close to Jin when quizzed about rumours during a TV interview, but most fans took the comments with a pinch of salt. We are very close. Unlike the rest of BTS, Suga has managed to avoid really becoming embroiled in any public dating rumours and has stated that he's too busy to date. A rumour appeared to begin that Suga was dating fellow K-opo star Suran after the pair worked together on the song 'Wine', but it was quickly denied and the rumour ended before it even really began.

Whilst V is currently single, he's the only member of BTS whose official relationship status has been discussed openly by their management Big Hit Entertainment. Rumours had been surfacing that V was dating a BTS fan called Hi and those rumours were backed up by V's regular use of the phrase 'Hi Nuna' on Instagram, as well as fans claiming that V had been wearing a ring Hi gave to him.

Once the rumours began to escalate, Big Hit Entertainment admitted that V and Hi had been talking but that they weren't dating and were just friends. J-Hope is currently single and since being a member of BTS he hasn't been linked to any dating rumours. Various sources online claim that J-Hope was in a relationship before he was in BTS and that he split with his girlfriend after she decided to move on with someone else, but that's the only dating story about J-Hope. Your privacy is important to us.

These co-stars met on the set of their show, Father Is Strange and romantically fell in love. According to their agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, the couple have been dating since October but have only decided to reveal their relationship this year. As it turns out, the two were actually just really good friends before rumours that they were dating spurred them on to pursue their relationship romantically. She accompanied the photos with a sweet caption: Discussion in ' Celebrity Gossip ' started by Glensather , Jul 13, Want to join in on the discussion?

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Welcome to our community Sign Up Now! Jun 19, Messages: Khajit has rumors if you have coin. I'm older than most of you, and over the course of my life, I've made several connections to various people around the world.

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Some of them are just your average everyday people, some are extremely wealthy, others struggle just to get by. In the relevancy to this thread, I know people who are in the Korean entertainment industry. Most of them I met through mutual friends, and the large part of what I'm about to tell you comes from a friend I made through another friend who works in the marketing division at Samsung. A few years ago, Samsung was pushing to add some K-pop related things to their mobile devices to draw in teenagers, especially western ones who were already enamored with K-pop.

When I was Korea over the summer that year, we met up with a few of his friends, one of which works at a TV Station, which will remain nameless.

Love is in the air: here are the confirmed celebrity Korean couples in | SBS PopAsia

Anyway, our discussion inevitably turned to his career. He told me some things I thought were interesting, and we exchanged emails so we could keep in touch. Over the various years he's complained, talked about, praised, and bitched about various actors and idols. I've decided to compile several of them into this post. No, I won't be giving receipts.

These are peoples' careers we're talking about here. Names have been erased or changed to protect the innocent, unless said event has already come to light. Some of these things have already happened, as we're talking about things he's brought up since This is mostly girl groups; the friend in question works closely with female idols. If you've noticed me giving some odd opinions about things, it's probably because of this guy.

I'm scrambling the order as a further means of protection. Also, I'll be combining several emails to more accurately describe situations that might develop over years.

10 Girls The Members Of BTS Are Supposedly Dating

Rising girl group member keeps getting harassed. After this group won on a music show, one of the members started getting a lot of texts from members of various male idols. She came to a shoot one morning distraught because of this, stating that over the course of the past week she's received over a hundred texts from guys. She's still too early in her career to be thinking of dating, and as the main vocal, too much stress can crack her voice.

She stopped giving rebuttals after one male idol accused her of being gay because she refused to go on a coffee date with him.

BTS Girlfriends: Complete Dating History Of The K-pop Group

During the rehearsal one of the guys kept yelling obscenities at her, and they had to redo the filming several times because she kept breaking down in tears. More recently, her manager took her phone from her and changed her number. This stopped the harassing texts but some male idols now actively bully her when there are no cameras. To date she has had malicious rumors about her sexuality spread among the guys, and some have done things like push her harshly into walls, forced her to trip, and a few have blown smoke in her face trying to damage her throat.

Older idols who have gone through the same thing have tried to protect her using their seniority, but now these guys just wait until their seniors are away.

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One senior in particular has taken a liking to her, calling her gifted and full of potential, and uses their own security to protect her whenever they're in the same building together. Everyone knew about Baekyeon. This probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone, but the infamous Baekyeon couple had been a thing for longer than what Dispatch and SM said. As early as EXO's debut , the two had been flirting quite a bit. Apparently the relationship developed quickly, and enough people were "in on it" that many would go out of their way to help pretend it didn't exist.

EXO played up their skinship with Baekhyun to divert attention away from the blooming couple, and after SM gave their permission, SNSD also went to lengths to divert attention by using their own existing relationships as a distraction. Single members would intentionally spread dating rumors about themselves to protect Baekyeon. Things were hard for the couple after the relationship came public, but they tried their best to make it work. They were something of a "darling" relationship in the company, and they had a lot of support, but ultimately stress and work caused the couple to unravel.

Although the breakup was amicable and they agreed to try again after some time, it was still really hard on the both of them, and it caused Taeyeon's depression to flare up again. Coupled with the extreme guilt she still feels over Jessica, Taeyeon has been on anti-depressants ever since therapy failed. Wonder Girls were told that once Twice found their footing, JYP the company was going to break up the group. JYP the person was against this ruling, but since he is no longer the CEO, even he had to answer to the company.

He threatened to leave unless he could give WG at least one more comeback, and because of that we got 2.