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He pressed his lips to mine, and before I knew what was happening his slug-like tongue was wriggling its way into my mouth.

This Is What Happens When Kids Hook Up Their Moms To A Lie Detector

Back then it was known as 'getting with' someone. These days, it's known as 'hooking up'. And my older two kids are at the hook up age. Already, some of my thirteen year old daughter's classmates are having their first proper kisses.

This Is What Happens When Kids Hook Up Their Moms To A Lie Detector

So what is normal when it comes to 'hooking up'? I talked to Dani Klein, Clinicial Psychologist specialising in adolescents. When does hooking up generally begin? In co-ed schools, Year 7 is the classic time when the more adventurous kids begin experimenting. In single sex schools it can be a little later, usually simply because of lack of access to the opposite sex. Generally kids at this early age want to kiss just to see what it feels like; there are rarely emotions involved, and the kids are usually not in romantic relationships.

The dangers 'hook-up websites' pose to kids

Is it safe for young people to be 'hooking up'? There is nothing wrong with dabbling in open mouthed kissing at the age of twelve or thirteen if the kid feels ready and is not coerced.

Parents, want to keep your children away from predators? Then be a snoop. If you live in my home, there is no supposition that you are going to have privacy.

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I have the right to go in your room. I have the right to look at your phone. I have the right to look in your backpack. I think parents are hesitant to take that role. In presentations that he gives to parents, Hawkins cautions parents to lay down the rule early.

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  • Want to protect your kids from online predators? Be a snoop.;

If I stop paying, the phone stops working. Want to protect your kids from online predators? Your child will come to resent you for bringing a stranger home, because you're trying to build up a bad habit.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Look i asked for ideas and suggestions not for ppl to tell me other stuff about being a bad parent etc The living room is NOT a good idea when your kids are around. Doesn't the father gets the kids once in a while? Why not have him over for dinner formally. If you've been seeing him for a year you probably have a pretty good grasp of his character, unless the only thing you've been grasping in your time together is something else It might not hurt to have him over for a full night and eat a meal with you and your daughter, introduce her and maybe everyone play a game or watch a movie together.

At what age do kids first 'hook up'?

Let your daughter pick what to eat, what to watch, what to play, whatever. Then you can get to the face-in-pillow business later on when she is asleep or on a different night of the week. He may not be a stranger to you but he is to her.

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